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KiksAR, a banglore based startup is enhancing the shopping experience through Augmented-Reality.

KiksAR is a Banglore based startup company, founded by Kavita Jha & Kiran to bring a revolutionary change in the shopping experience of users through virtual try-on

In 2018, Kavita & Kiran, two Banglore-based working professionals, launched KiksAR- Virtual Try-on platform for Fashion Retail. It provides solutions that encompass all aspects of fashion retail, such as - eyewear, apparel, makeup, jewellery, watches and shoes, with life-like shopping experiences all done in the realm of augmented reality.

In a conversation with Times Of Startup India, Kavita told that, While she was leading the Engineering at Ramyam Labs, a CEM analytics startup, Bangalore traffic had hollowed out her personal life. She used to spend a mammoth 4-5 hours on a daily commute. With the paucity of time, she invariably ended up doing unplanned online shopping, most of the time from her car. Many times, the products she purchased did not meet her expectations, often leading to, returns and the associated distress and the torment of bad logistics that came along with it. At times, the product she received was different in colour, texture, or quality from what they show in the pictures and it did not really suit or satisfy her daughters for whom she used to do most of the purchasing.

There were very few times when she really liked, eyewear, clothes or jewellery, she deeply felt the need for a platform, that creates personalised products as per, customer needs and specifications. She realized that Virtual Try-On mapped with Hyper personalization, Styling and Fitment leveraging AI and AR technologies could be the

solution and this became the genesis of KiksAR’s Virtual Try-On Platform for Fashion Retail. This can maximise sales and satisfaction and minimise returns.

An entrepreneur is someone who experiences a real-life problem, makes a solution that leverages the user's life in an efficient way. This is what Kavita & Kiran, Co-founder of KiksAR did and made a life-changing solution with augmented reality.

KiksAR offers a unique experience to consumers trying their platform due to their offerings in multiple categories like trying jewellers with outfits suited to the occasion and then selecting the cosmetics that go with it. Today their solution is used by more than 40+ clients globally and 250 stores. In India, it's working with both, renowned Indian brands and Individual stores. Over the last 24 months, KiksAR has matured its platform and patented the solution for solving the fitment with millimetre accuracy, leveraging AI, and this has become its major differentiator from competitors.

Its solution works across devices and platforms and is not restricted to AR Kit or AR CORE devices. KiksAR also provides configurators for Eyewear, Jewellery and Apparel for many global brands.

The eyewear configurator customizes eyeglasses and sunglasses by personalizing frame colour, frame textures, lens thickness, temple colour, design and nose pad, providing the consumer with an immersive and enticing feel to the try-on experience.

Jewellery Configurator, helps one to virtually try-on rings of various shapes, purity, stone quality, colour, style, desired diamond layers, metal and inscribed names.

Apparel Configurator empowers a customer to customize one’s dress as per tastes and preferences. For instance: a woman could virtually try on multiple collar design patterns, colours, pocket position, collar style, stitch pattern, fitment, button texture, colour and clothes pattern.

With the KiksAR platform, online shopping in fashion retail gets a boost as the customer gets the same real feel of traditional shopping. The experiences go several notches higher as we give fashion advisory and fitment, so customer not only tries the product but also understands what suits and fits them with our patented recommendation algorithms.

With the base platform for all the categories in place, in the next 18 to 24 months, our vision is to add 1 Million or more, SKUs to our digital catalogue cloud and make our hyper-personalization platform ubiquitous. We are also planning to have our own sales presence in international markets like the USA, Europe and APAC.


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