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Brus Essential Oils - Times of Startup India

Children and adults both suffer from asthma, a chronic disease classified as a non-communicable disease (NCD). It causes a cough, wheeze, shortness of breath, and chest tightness that are caused by inflammation and narrowing of the small airways in the lungs. According to the World Health Organization, asthma affected 262 million people in 2019 (1) and resulted in 455 000 deaths.

There are a number of environmental allergens and irritants which are thought to increase the risk of asthma, including indoor and outdoor air pollution, house dust mites, molds, and occupational exposure to chemicals, fumes, or dust.

"Brurs Essential oils" was conceived while working on Asthmatic medicines. In a survey, 41% of asthmatics reported health problems from air fresheners or deodorizers. Brurs Essential Oils was born with the idea of providing cleaner fragrances without harsh chemicals like surfactants, preservatives, etc. The belief is that fragrances have a beautiful effect on our lives and moods. Creating these refreshing and uplifting fragrances is the purpose for which the team works tirelessly.

A major objective of the organization is to solve three major problems facing the world's current fragrance industry-

1. The creation of fragrances that are cleaner to breathe, and free from harsh chemicals.

2. Creating Refreshing and Up-lifting fragrances that last longer without causing ill effects like allergies or headaches

3. Providing these premium fragrances at affordable rates.

Rajiv Ranjan Singh is the founder of this brand. He has rich experience working as a Scientist in the largest R&D for medicines in Asia.

Along with him, other team members are:

  • Brijraj Singh (Doctor by Profession) (Heading Operations and Research)

  • Urmila Singh & Sonam (Heading Accounts)

  • Meenal (Heading and Exports)

  • Mukesh Dadhwal (Heading Marketing & Sales)

While working on Asthmatic medicines our founder came across the fact that Air fresheners & deodorants are accounting for about 41% of Asthma allergies. With further research, he found that preservatives and surfactants were the sole reason for this. With this in mind, he developed a formulation that was free of harsh chemicals and at the same time was pleasant to smell and of better quality.

This Startup founded in October 2018 is growing at an Annual CAGR of 110.7%

Ranked amongst the top 50 best sellers on Amazon

Having a pan-India presence with distributors in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Kerala.

With the success of fragrances, the team is working on two basic goals.

A) Having distributors in at least 10 states of India

B) Exporting fragrances to developed countries like the USA, France, Sweden, and Dubai

"The human body consists of 6 to 10 million sensory nerves for the smell. These nerves play a varied role in mood regulation, detection of danger, motivation, etc. In order to enhance the mood of our clients, we fill our spaces with clean fragrances that instantly lift our spirits."

"Fragrances have the ability to instantly uplift moods and create a good first impression," says the founder.

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