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Patients in need of care will be able to access doctors more conveniently with Doctourr

Every time you need a doctor, you have to travel to get there. You wake up in the middle of the night with symptoms that worry you. What would you do?

Traveling long distances to a doctor and then, inevitably, waiting around in long queues to be seen is simply too time-consuming for those who are on a tight schedule or in an emergency.

Doctourr, an online doctor consultation service created to make it simple and convenient for patients to contact their doctors without having to leave their homes. Patients can obtain medical advice or treatment through the web-based Doctourr platform and chat or video talk with a doctor about any health concerns.

Doctourr an Online doctor consultation start-up founded by Milan Kumar Mohanty & Barnali Das in October 2022, is solving the following major problems and challenges:

a) Lack of trust in online health services: Many people are reluctant to consult with doctors online because they lack faith in the quality of the information provided. The start-up aims to address this concern by using a team of qualified medical experts who will review each patient's case and provide detailed recommendations.

b) Difficulty finding a doctor that you can trust: To ensure accuracy and timeliness, the platform requires patients to complete an evaluation process before being able to see a doctor. This helps weed out unqualified physicians from participating in consultations, ensuring that only high-quality professionals are available for patients.

c) Unnecessary paperwork and long waiting times: Some patients find it difficult or time-consuming to fill out pointless forms required by their healthcare providers, leading them to wait unnecessarily long periods before seeing a doctor. By streamlining these processes through automated data entry, the start-up hopes to reduce patient congestion and alleviate some of the lengthy waiting times currently plaguing many clinics around the world.

Milan Kumar Mohanty, Founder & CEO of Doctourr is an MBA and has 14 years of experience in Leadership Roles and Business Partnerships.

Barnali Das, Co-Founder & Director is an Electrical Engineer and has experience as a project coordinator.

The founders and co-founders are both putting their expertise and experience to work solving a problem people have faced for a long time.

Having grown up in a joint household in a tier 3 city, Milan encountered a situation where people had difficulty getting in touch with doctors and had to wait hours for a consultation.

Later, he observed patients waiting in long lines at hospitals or clinics, traveling great distances for consultation, experiencing a medical emergency, requiring a second doctor's opinion to clear up any doubts, and experiencing climate issues, which made him very concerned. There are also concerns regarding the lack of high-quality, reasonably priced healthcare options across India.

These issues motivated them to start this business. They planned to create an online medical consultation platform to offer a flawless virtual OPD experience. On the site, patients may locate verified doctors, select appointments, engage in chat or video consultations with medical professionals, and obtain a digital prescription.

The goal of this notion is to assist each patient and their family in locating reputable medical professionals who can provide high-quality care when there aren't many suitable options. The focus is to make it simpler than ever for patients to discover top-notch healthcare providers without having to leave their homes or disrupt their travel plans by offering a platform where users can simply identify doctors and compare prices. The Doctourr team considers the following questions every day to ensure everything is operating as it should. All of these questions are always challenging for them to manage and proceed with. They were like-

1. What does the ideal customer look like?

2. Does the team know who are their customers and what they want?

3. Who will be responsible for different aspects of my business?

4. Will everyone on their team have the necessary skills and knowledge required to successfully execute our plan?

5. How much money do they need upfront to get started and where will this money come from?

6. Can they realistically generate revenue within a certain timeframe given current resources?

The operation of the startup started on October 7th, 2022, with 3 doctors and in weeks, 30 more doctors have been added which is 10X growth. Also, the plan is to add 300 more doctors in 3 months and list them on Doctourr’s platform. Two days after the startup started operations, it acquired its first customer and plans to attract more in the coming days.

One of the plans of the startup is to market its services through a subscription model, charging customers a monthly fee for access to the service, and selling health products directly to patients.

With regard to future plans, the team looks forward to the advancement of technology, making services easily accessible from anywhere, at any time. Customer satisfaction and the best quality are the priorities of this startup.

"We are building the world’s largest online doctor consultation platform. We want to provide a better way for patients to find doctors and get quality care." – Says Milan Kumar Mohanty, Founder of Doctourr

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