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IVY Growth to mark its identity in the Indian Startup Ecosystem.

IVY Growth Associates is a group of foremost investors in the startup firm with the aim to mark their identity in the global startup ecosystem. The company was well-established by Prateek

Toshniwal, Sharad Todi, Shubhangi Toshniwal, Anuj Toshniwal, and Rachit Poddar. The company has set a goal to join hands cooperatively, build a team of supporting investors, nurture the startups, and be a helping hand with them all during their growth. It focuses on investing in around 500 startups by the end of 2030 and recalls the government's key goals of 'Vocal for Local' and 'Make In India'. The company has also gotten together with Atal's Innovation Centers and Incubation Centers across India, where they will look out for budding startups. IVY Growth Associates is committed to bringing approximately 50 startups to market with investments to consistently deliver value, impact, and the growth of startup companies. The company works cooperatively to scantle a sustainable startup ecosystem and also takes an important role in mentoring, accelerating, and fund-raising start-ups. IVY Growth Associates is ready to organize Startup Summit '21 by 72' in partnership with Sapio Analytics in Surat. The expo and summit will be held on June 17,18 and 19.

This summit will gather 200+ startups and investors and 5000+ attendees across the country and globe for concentrating on the development of the startup ecosystem, where the national and international investors will be interact with VCs, Angel Networks, entrepreneurs around the globe. The summit will host many activities such as pitching events, exhibitions, round table discussions, and 1-0-1 networking. This summit is aiming to bring up and accelerate 500+ startups in India as well as around the globe till 2030.

Prateek Toshniwal of IVY Growth Associates stated that “Over the past few months, IVY has added 8 new companies to its portfolio and is in the process of completing 4 new fundraising assignments from Surat, Delhi, and Bangalore, which are Hobit, Zappfresh, Refrens, and Bebeburp”. The doors to IVY are open to investors to become part of the ventures and to bring out new startup plans to deliver.


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