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Dreamer Trust- Bringing back humanity - Times of Startup India

About the Organization

Dreamer Trust, a registered non-profit organization working since 2020 for those whose voices are not being heard by the mainstream. It is based in Kolkata, West Bengal. This organization is the brainchild of its founder, named Mr. Mithu Choudhury. In the year 2020 when he witnessed the miseries of vulnerable communities multiply so he formed a team along with his friends and some members of his family and started distributing food and clothes to the helpless people from their localities and areas on the periphery of their localities, especially to elderlies and children from rural areas of North 24 Parganas, West Bengal. There were special programs for children like free education and weekly cultural programs.

Special Features of the Organization

This organization started with the intention of bringing humanity back. Our society has a multitude of people who are extremely vulnerable and their vulnerability can be defined as their struggle to meet the basic necessities of life. The founder Mr. Mithu Choudhury who hails from a humble background had felt in his own life, the miseries to meet the basic needs of life that’s why he started working to mitigate the miseries of vulnerable people. The foundation of the organization is based on a vision of “Bringing Humanity Back”. It is empathy that makes this organization special.

Project “One Rupee Thali”

The basic need of every human being is hunger, and Dreamer Trust has begun a program called "One Rupee Thali" to address this need. The project aims to mitigate chronic hunger amongst vulnerable communities from Barasat and nearby areas. One rupee is taken for the sake of human dignity, and an individual must feel ownership over the meal plate in their hands. No one should feel that they have pleaded for food because having nutritious food is a basic human right. Every day at noon the food van stands near Barasat District hospital and starts distributing food to vulnerable people.

Special features of the project

Barasat District Hospital is the biggest govt. Hospital in the North 24 Parganas district. People across the district come here for treatment. So poor people from across the district visit that hospital especially when they get serious treatment. That area, especially in the daytime, is swarmed by vulnerable people. Most of them come to the hospital for treatment for themselves or anyone in their family. They are so poor that they tend to skip meals back home to accumulate money for treatment. Even there are people who sell their properties in villages, and borrow money from private moneylenders just to save their loved ones. In certain circumstances, people don’t remain in the mentality of having food, because someone close to them is in serious condition in the hospital, so the team of Dreamer Trust makes sure that they eat a meal from them to remain physically and mentally sound. There are lots of people who prefer to stay in the hospital as long as their patients remain because they don’t have enough money for daily commutation. Also, as Barasat is a municipality and district headquarters of North 24 Parganas, people across the district come here to earn a livelihood; like daily laborers, and van rickshaw pullers who go through lots of physical toils so they deserve healthy meals to focus on their works.

The one rupee is not something compulsory, if someone can’t afford to give one rupee then also they can take the food, it’s completely up to them. One rupee is not taken from children, specially-abled people, and elderlies.


The main objective of Dreamer Trust is to work for the overall development of the poor, oppressed, and disadvantaged people without any discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, or religion so that the target group of people can come together, create a sense of belonging and work together. The focus is on children, especially girls, street children, and children with disabilities. The child's family is the medium through which development takes place. Community organization and sensitivity is a process that seeks empowerment, capacity building, and social transformation. Dreamer Trust works for the economically and socially disadvantaged, men and women, and children. So that they become educated, skilled, and aware so that they can be self-reliant and enjoy a healthy, dignified life. It serves as a resource for appropriate interventions with other governmental and non-governmental organizations in policy making, with a view to a sustainable quality of life.

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