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Few years ago Bhuvan Bam was nothing but a regular student with a night job at a Delhi Mughlani restaurant. With a lot of efforts and a little bit of luck he managed to become one of India’s most famous YouTube celebrities. Recently this year he did an interview with actor, director, and internet personality Steven Wolfe, aka Jonny Sins which drew over 17 million views in only five days. So, what inspired him to become a Youtuber, infact one of the most successful youtubers?

Bhuvan, in one of his interviews said “Before starting my YouTube career, I used to play music at a restaurant. YouTube was never a part of my plan. One day, I was checking the video quality of my phone when I saw the news on TV about floods in India. One reporter asked a lady how she felt on having lost her son, in the floods. This was naturally the wrong question to ask. Miffed, I made a satirical video on it and uploaded it online. That is how I took baby steps into the YouTube world”

He created his YouTube channel, “BB Ki Vines” in 2015, he currently has 13 million subscribers on YouTube. His YouTube channel is very relatable for a lot of people as his videos are usually about the troubles that surrounds a middle class guy and his family.

One of the most famous characters from his channel is Titu Mama, he has also featured several B-town celebrities on his channel in a section called Titu Talks.


YouTube has been the furthest thing from Bam’s mind but while he was in school, he had often expressed an interest in archeology. He says “Every child thinks archeology is about digging up land to find dinosaur remains and gold. I had the same intentions. I chose commerce while at school but didn’t get admission for B.Com in any college, based on my marks. So, I decided to pursue History Honours, which I eventually graduated in, from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College.”


Bhuvan has always been a music lover and even enjoyed singing, he once aspired to be a musician after completing class XII, but his parents were skeptical of his choice. “They were not completely fine with the idea of me singing at the restaurant and put their foot down. Eventually, however, i wore them down with my passion and determination,” said Bhuvan while laughing about it.


In today’s generation, making content on youtube as a profession is not rare, the popularity of content creation has been increasing day by day. This was not same a few years back, Bhuvan claims that he never imagined that he would be a Youtuber in future, “I had some jokes in mind and I just did it for fun. I never realized when this became a full-time profession. There were not many challenges as i went with the flow, without thinking of failure,” Bhuvan admits.


According to Bhuvan, grades are essential but one’s mental health and self confidence are far more important than any exam anyone can take. Bhuvan believes, “Life is full of tests. These school/college tests should not bother you much”.


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