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Most Influential Creators, 2023- Times of Startup India

Welcome to the world of creativity, where new ideas are born and innovation takes center stage. As we enter the year 2023, the world is filled with talented and influential creators who are shaping the way we see and experience the world. Here, we are celebrating the most influential creators of 2023. These are the individuals whose work has had a profound impact on their respective fields, and whose influence extends far beyond the boundaries of their own industries. Take a closer look at the most influential creators of the year.

Natasha Luthra

Natasha Luthra is a Mumbai-based fashion and lifestyle influencer who has made a name for herself in the world of social media. With her keen eye for style and a passion for all things fashion and beauty, Natasha has built a loyal following on various social media platforms.

Natasha is known for her unique sense of style and her ability to create stunning looks that are both fashionable and functional. Over the years, Natasha's popularity has grown significantly, and she has collaborated with several well-known brands in the fashion and beauty industry. Her blog and social media accounts have become a go-to destination for people looking for inspiration in the world of fashion and lifestyle.

Naina Ruhail

Naina Ruhail, a beauty & fashion influencer, started her journey as an influencer and an industry specialist back in 2012 when she decided to pursue beauty as a profession. While her early days were about garnering knowledge and building a sensibility around the topics she wrote and talked about, she hasn’t looked back since she started. Professional Makeup Artist, Graduate of the London School of Makeup, Founder of the Naina Ruhail Blog, she is also an Entrepreneur. Vanity Wagon and Better Beauty are the ventures she is working on.

Today she also heads the editorial team at Vanity Dossier, India’s first-only clean beauty digital digest. She firmly believes in applying her journey towards a means and creating tangible spaces for users, Vanity Wagon is her way of doing that. She won her very first award as the best makeup artist for Jabong Fashion Week in 2015 followed by a fashion influencer award at the Oxford Fashion Week 2017. Since the start of Vanity Wagon, she has been focused on working for this community, awards in the format of – Couplepreneur by Entrepreneur India, Superstar award by Yourstory, and Panel Award by IReC have been motivating her and reassuring her that she is working in the right direction.

Santoshi Shetty

Founder of the StyleEdge blog and a top fashion and lifestyle influencer in India, Santoshi Shetty is a top fashion and lifestyle influencer. Several publications recognized her as Blogger of the Year in 2016, including Cosmopolitan and Elle. The Palladium Spotlight Fashion Blogger of the Year award was also given to her in 2017. On Instagram, she is found promoting body positivity and the benefits of yoga in addition to her regular fashion content. When it comes to creating fashion and lifestyle content, she is an all-rounder who promotes lifestyle brands and leverages her voice to endorse products.

Sharanya Iyer

Sharanya Iyer is a travel blogger who documents her adventures through her blog. She is an experienced Content Creator with a demonstrated history of working in the travel & tourism industry to aid their marketing initiatives on social media. As a largely solo traveler, she documents adventures on the road and shares her experiences and tips with a 250k+ audience on Instagram.

This year, her work got featured in the Forbes India 2022 list of India’s Top 100 Digital Creators. She is an official ambassador and digital influencer for GoPro India. Iyer has worked with the tourism boards of Australia and Indonesia and has collaborated with many big brands. She has previously worked at MTV India, Zee Studio, and Zee Cafe, but since 2018, she has been working full-time on trulynomadly—her blog and social media handle.

Swapnil Pandey

Swapnil Pandey is a talented fashion, lifestyle, and travel blogger who has made a significant impact on the world of social media. His unique style and passion for travel make him an inspiration to his followers. He is sharing his idea and insights on fashion and lifestyle through his social media handles. With a great number of followers, he has collaborated with hundreds of brands.

Silky Puri

Who says women should give up on their dreams after giving birth to a child? Here’s a super mom from Delhi NCR breaking these stereotypes. Silky Puri, a full-time reporting corporate and a blogger, is not only living her passions but also inculcating the same into her four-year-old daughter, Khwaish. The couple, Silky and Gagan, are taking their daughter around the world instead of saving for her wedding. Each year, the traveler couple gives their daughter a mind-blowing trip for her birthday. Khwaish has already visited six countries and several fascinating Indian destinations at the age of four.

A mommy influencer, Silky shares her travel stories and parenting advice on her Instagram account mommytravelstories. Also, she has a website of her own, Mommy Travel Stories, where she describes her travels in detail.

Ambica Dandona

Dt. Ambica is a celebrity nutritionist. She believes in the healing power of food and will turn even the Holy Grail of diets on its head. In a world overflowing with revolutionary diet equations that promise better health, Ambica's food-focused ideas appeal because they’re balanced and componential. “Every diet has a shelf life,” she says, “but eating sensibly is eternal and never goes out of style because it accommodates the season, region, and reason to celebrate food in all its glory.

She shares the idea and story behind the thought to pursue this career:

"I wanted to share my fitness journey with you because it’s one of the topics I get asked about the most. I’m currently at a stage where I feel the fittest, strongest, and healthiest I ever have, both physically and mentally. However, this didn’t happen overnight; it was a journey and I’ve definitely had my ups & downs with training. So here is the story of how I got to where I am to today with my fitness, what motivates me to train, what I actually do to keep fit and healthy, and some tips to help you on your own fitness journey. I was always an active and sporty kid. I started dancing and calisthenics when I was 9 and continued until high school. I loved athletics and cross country at school and always played sports. In year 15 at school, I stopped all sports to focus on study but soon decided to start running as a break from my studies. Running became my escape from everything; I loved it! It made me feel good, de-stressed me, and gave me a challenge and focus outside of school."

Pallavi Gandhi

Pallavi Gandhi, a professional banker, started her influencer journey on Instagram as a mom blogger. During the initial stage of her influencer journey, she realized women on the financial front were not aware of investment and also were not confident to speak about finances. Understanding the gap, she launched a financial awareness program and even free coaching and saving programs. Now she is a dedicated financial coach at Kool Kanya which is a women-led platform for empowering women.

She truly cares about helping people achieve financial freedom and build the life they want. Her practical advice and relatable approach make her a valuable resource for anyone looking to take control of their finances and build a better future.

Udit Singh Rana

Udit Singh Rana, an influencer & flight attendant started his journey as an influencer a few months back and is working hard to grow in the rapidly growing global influencer industry. He has collaborated with 100+ brands like Giva, St. Botanica, SIRONA, Arata, Saffola, Aqua lenses, Lenskart & many more. He believed in himself & jumped into unknown water, which feels like walking in the dark with no light in sight.

Udit is clearly setting an example for his audience and motivating them to walk the path to building a strong personal brand with the consistency, boldness, and willpower he is putting into this pursuit. In order to fulfill a vision, Udit is inspired by Masoom Minawala's quote that one must lead and take action in order to make it a reality.

Ricta Tripathi

Ricta M. Tripathi, a Mumbai-based lifestyle influencer started creating content as a passion a few years back. She started sharing her experiences and interests with her followers, and over time, her content gained popularity and began to attract a larger audience. As she gained more followers, Ricta became more focused on developing her brand and creating engaging and authentic content. She spent time researching her audience and understanding their interests and needs so that she could create content that resonated with them.

Ricta collaborated with other influencers and brands to expand her reach and create more engaging content. She also invested time in building relationships with her followers by responding to their comments and messages, and by incorporating their feedback into her content. As her following grew, Ricta began to monetize her content through sponsored posts and brand partnerships. She continued to focus on creating high-quality content that aligned with her values and interests and worked hard to maintain the trust and loyalty of her followers.


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