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Members of Shark Tank India had a virtual conversation where Ashneer Grover left no stones turned up to pull Ranvijay’s leg, he says “I’ll sell flyers outside"

Since the reality TV show, Shark Tank India comes to an end this week, the ‘sharks’ from the tv show come together to chat about the memories they made so far during the show.

This Tuesday, Rannvvijay Singha, host of the show came on an Instagram live with six of the seven sharks on the shark tank official Instagram account.

By the end Rannvijay asked the sharks about their plan to meet soon or get together virtually to catch the show’s season finale on February 4, to that, shark Ashneer Grover jokingly replied with, “There is a party on the 4th, Rannvijay, tere ko bulaya nahi lag raha”. While the other sharks laugh, Rannvijay jokingly says, “Nahi bulaya, main party ke baahar flyers bech raha hounga”.

The sharks were also quizzed by Ranvijay on their memories from the show and what they think they will miss the most. Ashneer answered that the backstage fun is what he will miss the most before jokingly adding that if he doesn’t get a call for the second season then he will trash talk about the show. “All the backstage fun was a good experience, baaki dekhte hai agle saal bulaate hai ye log ya nahi bulaate. Agar nahi bulaya then I will say bekaar tha sab” said Ashneer.

To that, Anupam Mittal added that being treated like a star is what he will miss the most. “Will miss the entourage, make-up wala, stylist, two bodyguards and all that”, adding to this shark Namita Thapar said, “I want to put it on record that men took longer than the women to get ready. All this entourage you are talking about - make-up, hair wo entourage mujhe bhugatna pada”


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