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After Justin Bieber, Daler Mehndi to perform at metaverse virtual concert on Republic Day

Singer and record producer Daler Mehndi, who has lent his voice to catchy and extremely popular Punjabi tracks such as 'Rang De Basanti', 'Dangal', 'Bolo Ta Ra Ra', and 'Tunak Tunak Tun', is set to perform at India's first Metaverse concert on Republic Day 2022. The Bhangra pop pioneer will perform his hit numbers 'Namoh Namoh', 'Jago India', and will also dedicate a special track to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

With this, Daler Mehndi will become the first Indian to perform at a metaverse virtual concert. Before Mehndi, other international pop stars including Travis Scott, Justin Bieber, Marshmallow, and Ariana Grande, have also staged metaverse concerts.

The singer, who made Bhangra popular worldwide, has been sharing posters from the event on his Instagram handle. He even posted a sneak peek video inviting his fans and followers to celebrate Republic Day 2022 together by joining into his metaverse performance.


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