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32 more Covid Cases in IIT Madras.

Covid cases continued to rise at IIT Madras, with 32 added on Tuesday, taking the total to 111. Health Minister J Radhakrishnan said if there were no need of panicking, the general public should not let their guard down and should follow the instructions to protect themselves against Covid-19.

“During our inspection, we found that people from thirteen districts and one from abroad had stayed in a selected hostel. Through that one person, the virus must spread to other departments and households. With the efforts of the Public Health Department and IIT management, we have been able to stop the spread from becoming an outburst. Health department officers may take samples from the remaining people on campus over the next few days and isolate them until we get their results," Radhakrishnan said.

The government has stepped up surveillance and health inspectors have been told to check the travel histories of people returning from other states.

According to the Health Department, a total of 7,490 students currently live in the 19 dormitories on campus. No less than 3,079 samples have been taken and 110 of them are fine - authorities have not reported any cases in the data.

The first case of Covid-19 on the IIT campus was detected at Bhadra Hostel on April 19. Cases quickly began to spread to nearby hostels.

Radhakrishnan state, that the state has a capacity of 1.16 lakh beds (including oxygen, without oxygen), and the most basic 18 are admitted to hospitals for treatment. He said that the most effective 3 samples out of a thousand come back positive.

Talking about other centers the government has set up to treat Covid-19 patients, he said cases are easiest in 9 districts and the rest have no fresh cases.

The Health Secretary has advised the public who are due for their second dose of vaccination and booster doses to get vaccinated without further delay.


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