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Whatsapp will provide the digital identification documents In-App.

Ministry of Electronics and Information has announced the partnership of WhatsApp with the Indian Government to make a valuable utility for all Indian citizens. An easy way to access documents anywhere for official purposes via Whatsapp. DigiLocker, a key initiative of the Digital India program, strives to, empower people digitally by giving them access to real digital documents in their digital briefcases. Documents issued in the DigiLocker system are considered equivalent to the original physical files.

Indian Citizens can now access Digilocker offerings through the MyGov helpdesk on WhatsApp. Digilocker can be an important citizen service offered through MyGov on WhatsApp to promote digital inclusion and effective government.

This consists of developing and authenticating their Digilocker account and uploading documents including their PAN card, driver's license, and vehicle registration certificate, among others, all on WhatsApp. MyGov Helpdesk on WhatsApp is an important step taken toward governance and government services that offers should be made available to citizens. Including Digilocker, the MyGov chatbot on WhatsApp aims to create a complete administrative help engine for citizens to have the right to access important resources, information, and offerings that could be digitally inclusive.

The new assistance will allow residents easy and convenient access to the following files, just the way it is safe in their homes, PAN Card, Driving License, Class X Marksheet & Certificate, Vehicle Registration (RC) Certificate, Police insurance - two wheels, Class XII Marksheet, Insurance Policy Document ( Life and Non-life on Digilocker), As per the government instructions.

WhatsApp customers in the US can use the chatbot by texting "Namaste", "Hi" or "Digillocker" to WhatsApp number +901 9013151515.

“This flagship initiative, Digilocker by the government on the MyGov help desk is nothing but one step ahead in providing the Indian Citizens easy access to login or provide documents in one click through WhatsApp's easy and accessible platform, with more than one hundred million people already registered on Digilocker and more than five billion files issued to date, we can be sure that the service on WhatsApp will digitally empower ten million people by helping them, from the start, to access authentic documents and statistics on their phones, MyGov CEO Abhishek Singh said”.

Commenting on the brand new initiative, Shivnath Thukral, Director of Public Policy, WhatsApp said, “By equipping the MyGov help desk with Digilocker services instantly accessible through WhatsApp, we must unleash the potential of technology to enlarge the benefits of expansion, essential offerings for residents at scale, and it's a big step closer to scaling the vision of Digital India and digitally empowering the country”.

The government has taken a huge and expandable decision towards the bright Digital India, which not only gives the security for the documents but also getting stress-free from carrying documents everywhere while traveling. As all the services turn into an online mode/digital mode, hopefully, this initiative will give productive results in the end.


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Jun 28, 2023

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