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The late 20th century has been a witness to the revolutionization of the development of applications through the emergence of companies offering SaaS integrated platforms. This period has been often called the onset of disruption in software adoption for the masses. RevertLab, a company that specializes in services as platform, being highly focused on business-critical applications is leading this revolution in India. This startup was founded by Faishal Ansari, this technology startup aims to deliver seamless applications over the internet as part of service. Faishal started his own startup in the year 2017 when he was only 17 and

now just after a few years, he has already inspired thousands of people to make a career in the field of SaaS. Faishal was one of those kids who was always attracted and fascinated with new-age technologies. He thinks that the potential of SaaS as a platform carried to offer limitless opportunities. Faishal has always been passionate about technology and his passion has played the main part in helping him with his goal of making a SaaS startup that will be a getaway of delivering applications over the internet as a service.

This startup has been one of the leading startups in the market providing intelligent software services packed with industry-leading solutions in emerging technologies. Faishal aims to make everyone’s life easier with the help of technology through his company by solving real-life problems by using automation and machine learning.

“At RevertLab our focus is to build applications that provide great values and also minimize human efforts by automating major functions. I’ve been in this industry for a long time now and I believe I understand the core values of running a software business. While building new applications, we highly focused on making them simple, optimized and elegant.” said Faishal.

He was born in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand. He first launched his web application in the year 2014. But his desire of growing and learning more kept growing and he worked as hard as he can to fulfill his desire. It did not take him long to win clients, in just 5 years of operation, the startup has won over its clients, and around 63% of their users return to avail themselves of their

astonishing services.

They have customized solutions for its clients which resulted in their success of lowering the barrier for entry and operations which helped clients to save a lot of their time. Recently they hit the milestone of providing services to over 25 global brands and more than 300+ businesses worldwide utilizing their software, data, and industry expertise.

Faishal plans on optimizing the current techniques in the future to make the platform more inclusive, transparent, and more cost-saving. The rate of growth of this startup makes it seem that the goal is not too far.


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