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The Half-Brick, an Ed-Tech platform, bringing a revolutionary change in the society.

Balasubramanian Jayam, Founder of The Half Brick believes that, This world is incomplete without you, The Self-made & Self-less people.

When we speak of entrepreneur, a lot of people appears in our thought. Some are quite known, while some aren’t. Today, we’ll look into one such entrepreneur whose sole motive is to inspire the younger generation to pursue their passion. Balasubramanian Jayam is a social entrepreneur and the founder of ‘The Half Brick’, which is an E-learning platform.

Balasubramanian is an intellect with strong determination and ability. He has an eye for details and an excellent strategic mind. He is a self-motivated, creative, and innovative individual. He has a keen enthusiasm and passion to do something in a way that benefits society and with that thought in his young mind, he went to Anna University and pursued B.E, in Electronics and Communication. He later attended the International School of Management Excellence and opted for the PGPM course with a specialization in Marketing and Finance. He also attended the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and pursued an EEP, in Marketing and Strategy. Intrigued! Let’s find out more.

Along with academics, Jayam was brilliant at his work. From the year 2007-2019, Jayam worked for three different organizations. Starting as a ‘Business Development Executive’, his kind attitude, determination, hard work, and leadership qualities took him to the position of ‘Head of Marketing'. As a working professional, Jayam developed a few traits that helped him along the way and definitely paid very well.

Jayam is loaded with awards and achievements. With a total of 14 awards from 2012-2018, he has proved to be an outstanding personnel. He received one award in 2012, two in 2013, one in 2015, four in 2016, four again in 2017, and two in 2018 and I’m sure the list will go on in the upcoming years. He was featured in ‘World Marketing Congress’ for the ‘Most Influential Marketing Leader’ and in ‘CMO Asia Awards’ for ‘Marketing Professional of the Year’. Isn’t it impressive?

With all his experience and learning, Balasubramaniun started his own company in the year 2021. The company is named ‘The Half Brick’, it’s an E-learning platform that organizes talk shows, events and conferences and experimental learning & training programs. The startup’s vision is to influence and inspire the younger generation through raw storytelling in a way that persuades them to pursue their dreams and become a person with an identity of their own. The startup showcases self-made people around the world who shares their story and I must point it out, it’s inspirational.

They have a weekly release program that publishes inspirational videos every week.

They have a website- which will be live very soon and a YouTube channel that goes with the same name. So far the startup has three videos on YouTube where the speakers are telling their raw stories which sometimes can be soul-stirring but at the same time will definitely blow your mind with how someone can change their life. And you have the power to do that too.

Their belief is to provide opportunities to share their inspirational stories who are Self-made & Self-less people.

We’d highly recommend you to visit the platform and have a look for yourself. It’s a great initiative taken by Jayam to make a difference and I wish him and his startup all the very best in his endeavors.


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