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SkillDzire, a real-time learning platform training graduates to get their dream job

Two Founders, Srikanth & Sreedhar, have launched SkillDzire, by aiming to develop skills in graduates through industry experts, which help them to get their dream jobs

SkillDzire is India’s largest real-time learning platform where students get trained by industry professionals with assurance of certifications and placement slots.

SkillDzire was founded in May 8th, 2019 by two founders, Mr. Srikanth & Mr. Sreedhar, with a mission of developing useful skills & providing job opportunities to the graduates with best industry experts in an efficient and affordable charges.

In the beginning, SkillDzire take-off it's real-time learning plane with only one branch, i.e., Electrical Engineering. After getting huge responses from the candidates, late they added-on all the core branches.

Now, we have 25+ courses including both, engineering and non-engineering categories, Srikanth, founder of SkillDzire, told in a conversation with Times of Startup India.

The candidates get trained by top notch industry experts and professionals, who have rich experience in the specific industries. SkillDzire also provide a valued certification and assured placement slots to their candidates.

In a conversation with Times of Startup India, Srikanth told that it was his dream to train graduates with skills and latest technologies in which industries demand in terms of placement. Srikanth has closely interacted with thousand of unemployed graduates & observed the real struggle of getting their dream jobs due to lack of skills and knowledge about the latest technology.

That motivated him to start SkillDzire with a mission of helping graduates.

Now Srikanth has the best team in SkillDzire including top notch industry experts and professionals.

"Almost all the operations in SkillDzire, are based on trust and transparency. If you're not honest, one day your startup will fall down. Without trust nothing can move forward. I can say strongly, that we have India’s best tech team who are dedicated to train our candidates with latest skills and technologies", Srikanth told to Times of Startup India.

SkillDzire's Accomplishments

SkillDzire is working effortlessly in edtech industry and creating a buzz in the market through their industry oriented programs for the students.

SkillDzire have achieved huge positive response which motivates the SkillDzire team to do even more better and capture the market of edtech industry.

  • SkillDzire have achieved 1 Million


  • Daily 1000+ attending sessions across India

  • Opportunities 94% (Placement slots for students)

  • 15-18% enrollments are from India’s prestigious organizations like IIT and NIT's

The lockdown has seen demand for upskilling rising manifold for three areas -- data with focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence, management with marketing, public relations and journalism, and technology with focus on cloud and Internet of things, among others.

Since the lockdown, the SkillDzire have onboarded over 100+ candidates and professionals on to the platform.

The pandemic has brought plenty of momentum for EdTech adoption in India. Taking this into consideration, it is projected that India's EdTech market will touch $3.5B by 2022, according to a report by RedSeer and Omidyar Network India. In response to the growing demand, SkillDzire have scaled up its offerings and new course are coming up with innovative industry oriented programs catering to unserved segments.


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