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Never trade your dreams for stability says entrepreneur Adarsh Jha

India, a country where government jobs are hailed above all, startup culture is a fairly new thing. Daring to dream and then putting in all your effort to turn it into a reality is in itself a herculean task; add the uncertainty of success and a circle of your close and loved ones telling you to give up and pick up something more stable makes the whole journey a lot harder.

Adarsh Jha, the founder of an upcoming luxury clothing brand, has completed this journey with zeal and determination while keeping an optimistic outlook. Adarsh knew he wanted a build something of his own since college and started his first start-up right after graduation.

His first startup was ChickenHut, a meat delivery service based in Patna that catered to restaurants and cafes. But to make a startup a success you need a unique idea, dollop of determination, immense hard work, a bit of luck, and stellar timing. Timing is everything with new businesses that are trying to take off and it wasn’t in Adarsh’s favor. Just when ChickenHut had started taking off, a global pandemic hit the world forcing everyone to stay inside all businesses to shut down for a while.

A startup that is just starting out to beat out its competition in this cutthroat market. It has to make enough sales to please the investors and build a personal network. ChickenHut couldn’t achieve any of this as its journey was cut short due to the pandemic. The failure of ChickenHut left Adarsh heartbroken and bankrupt.

Adarsh was under a lot of debt with no one except his family to lean on as all his friends and relatives turned their backs on him. With no external help, it took him about a year to pay back every single penny he owed to his investors and employees. But even after facing such a major setback at the get-go, Adarsh’s spirit stayed intact. He knew in his heart that building his own business is his key to peace and happiness and he wasn’t ready to trade it for anything in the world.

His family and friends pleaded and advised against this. “Everyone around me told me to pick something else. They said I should look for a job that provides financial security and stability. It was a unanimous opinion of everyone I knew that I shouldn’t take a risk again and should think about settling down,” said Adarsh “but deep down in my heart, I knew that that kind of life isn’t what I was cut out for. I wanted to be my own boss and not get stuck in the vicious routine of 9-5 just because stability and comfort seem lucrative.”

He further added “In my personal opinion comfort puts an end to personal and societal growth. Once a person settles down or gets comfortable in his life or surrounding, they stop doing anything that might jeopardize it, hence, stopping themselves from growing out of the bubble they created. I for one couldn’t trade my dreams for fleeting comfort so I decided I will try and try again till I can look myself in the mirror and say I made it”

After observing the world trends for months Adarsh realized that fashion is lucrative to all demographics and a dynamic market. With help of a college friend Adarsh founded a luxury clothing brand that is affordable and caters to all demographics.

Talking about his new brand Adarsh said: “I believe that fashion is something very personal and helps every single person define themselves and their unique sense. I wanted to help everyone afford their style which they’ve had to compromise for so long due to pricing, size, or other factors”

What makes Adarsh’s upcoming luxury brand unique is that his clothing line will be cost-effective, hypoallergic, antibacterial, and available in all sizes. It is also going to use the new spill-proof technology cutting down on the customer’s laundry cost and effort. As a responsible citizen of the planet, Adarsh also plans to go green and make the clothing line sustainable and make sure people across India realize how sustainable fashion could be better than the fast fashion trends used by massive clothing brands.

Adarsh Jha is the embodiment of the phrase ‘if you could dare to dream it nothing in the world can stop you from turning it into a reality.’ Even after all the obstacles, he came across he never gave up on his dream and is now on the precipice of having it all.

“As numbers are till infinity so there must be infinite plans to be successful. Never settle even if the world thinks you are unstable in life. Let everyone’s uncertainty in your dreams fuel the magic as you make them real” said Adarsh signing off.


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