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Making a difference, Kidbea announces "The Period Policy"

The certified organic clothing brand Kidbea announced this week its new Period Policy as the latest change in HR Policy for women in their organization.

As a result of 70% of their workforce being female, Kidbea has decided to comfort them with this policy. This decision aims to break the social taboos around menstruation in India, where many working women suffer health problems, discomfort, and low self-esteem due to a lack of awareness.

Menstruation is a hot topic among working women, so any sort of relaxation holds a lot of importance for them. Indeed, it is a progressive move that acknowledges women's differences. Pain during periods is a real problem that needs to be addressed more compassionately.

“It is our goal at Kidbea to cultivate a culture of trust, equality, and acceptance. Every woman at Kidbea will have the option to WORK FROM HOME on the first day of their period from now on,” said Kidbea CPO Aman Kumar Mahto.

"We need to be more considerate of women's unique needs and health issues as a society. During their periods, most women experience pain and mood swings. There is no doubt that women suffer from period cramps, but with better menstrual health management, we can minimize, if not eliminate, their pain. Almost every woman suffers from at least one day of terrible discomfort and cramps during her period. Consequently, they have difficulty going about their daily routines. Several employees have expressed that they don't feel like going out on the first day of their period. On those days, it's best to let them stay home and work at their own pace since their mental and physical conditions affect their productivity and they don't feel comfortable at work." Added Kidbea CEO, Mohammad Hussain.

In explaining the process, Kidbea CMO, Swapnil Srivastava emphasized that there should be no stigma associated with the period. It is fine for employees to inform their supervisor that they have their period today and will be working from home on this day. Our goal is to create a healthier work environment among all of our employees through this policy.

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