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Let’s change the trend to organic clothing.

Eco-friendly clothing is being famous and getting in trend day by day. Many skin diseases and health risks result from wearing fabrics that can be grown and transformed through the use of insecticides and synthetic dyes. People now consider eco-friendly clothing to be stylish and comfortable. It has been calculated that the amount of cotton used to produce a preferred size T-shirt is treated with a significant amount of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. By using organic cotton, about 1/3 of the total amount of insecticides and fertilizers used could be purchased. People who understand the benefits of using natural ingredients are ready to save even more money.

Various forms of clothing are made from natural cotton including salwar kameez, dupatta, skirts, short Kurtis, t-shirts, shirts, etc. Its consumption has accelerated in recent years. However, in major metropolitan cities like Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Pune, the market share is larger. Due to the many adverse effects of chemically treated cotton fabric on our skin, many NGOs, farmers, and designers have started spreading their notoriety to the general public. Organizations like Maharashtra Organic Farmers Association, Vidarbha Organic Farmers Association, and many others offer their help in cultivating these plants or doing it themselves.

To give a boost to organic clothing, an open housing consultation will be organized for Fashion designers, farmers, traders, researchers, etc. who play a big role in the cultivation, processing, manufacturing, and promotion of organic clothing. Here, People related to this field meet people from other countries. They share their ideas and views and talk about how to improvise the entire current method, from cultivation to promoting the finished product. To start organic farming, farmers must have certification for it. But the main disadvantage that opposes the improvement of organic fabrics income is their high rate. Its rate is twice that of ordinary cotton.

Wearing organic clothing is more popular among people of upper and middle-class people. It is trending, But considering it as a fashion may not be for environmental protection, so people should understand its benefits and wear it regularly. Branding performs an essential function to support every new product in the consumer market. Many reputable clothing manufacturers have started using organic fabrics in their collections. For example, Nike, Patagonia, and Timberland use a few percent organic fabrics in sportswear. Some designers around the world like Rogan Gregory, Katherine Hamnett, and Stella McCartney use natural cotton in their branded clothes. Although few people are aware of the negative effects of formaldehyde and pesticides on our environment, the fashion for using organic clothing is catching up slowly and steadily.

Raymonds supplied a full range of garments made from bamboo fabrics. Bamboo shirts and pants have antibacterial and antistatic properties, they have an added ability to retain moisture, which is why people can enjoy comforts even in the scorching summer heat. Made from bamboo fibers, the pants can be worn as both formal and informal clothing, giving the appearance of very elegant and fashionable linen pants. Today, Raymonds also uses soybean fabric for its clothesline, as this fabric provides more shine and absorbs moisture. They also introduced a fiber called casein, which is made from an incredible 120-weight milk, wool, and silk protein blend. It is used to make dress shirts and jackets. A global icon called BSC has launched its range of organic towels in India.

Levis also announced the launch of a line of 100% natural cotton men's and women's jeans collections. It could now be called Levis Eco and be available in the company's US stores.

Clothing made from organic fabrics should be stored and cleaned properly. Despite the low market share in the Indian apparel industry, on average in organic clothing, the demand is growing at 30% per year which is quite encouraging. Designers are working harder to make these clothes more attractive, stylish, and affordable. Overall, after a few years, you could see people wearing new and stylish clothes made from organic cotton and fabric.


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