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Kidbea, organized India’s Biggest Baby Contest to bring joy among the children post pandemic.

Kidbea, A Sustainable Kid's Romper Startup have organized India’s Biggest Baby Contest where participants can win prizes worth Rs. 3 Lakhs.

Kidbea, a sustainable clothing brand exclusively for kids has organized India's biggest online competition for babies, Named Kidbea's Lil Champ.

“The best thing you can give your children is time.” – This is a saying most quoted by parents who in fact, do not get to spend too much time with their children. Today’s life is busier than we can imagine with parents juggling both home and work, and children being packed off to extra-curricular activities right after school.

According to a study, most families spend just eight hours a week together on an average, whereas a weekend should consist of a minimum of two hours devoted to children. Moreover, we see that ‘family time’ may often end up in members watching TV in silence, busy reading, or on phone out of sheer exhaustion. Such a phenomenon may amount to a total lack of parent-and-child bonding resulting in a number of behavioral problems and other insecurities which may affect a child into his or her adult years.

The main objective of this contest is that parents get involved with their baby and spend some quality and fun time while participating in the contest.

Kidbea Li'l champ has 5 categories to participate which are:

Cutest Baby: Where one needs to share a picture of your baby and tell us about their cute acts. Use HASHTAG #KIDBEACUTEST

Fancy Dress: The theme is “Eco Friendly”, share a picture and tell us about the dress you've chosen. Use HASHTAG #KIDBEAECO

Messy Baby: Share a video of your baby eating. Use HASHTAG #KIDBEAMESSY

Best Pout: Share a picture of your baby pouting with you. Use HASHTAG #KIDBEAPOUT

Daddy's Baby: Share a short video of Father and baby, and tell us how your life has changed after their birth.Use HASHTAG #KIDBEAFATHERHOOD

Being a sustainable brand and keeping a holistic vision kidbea's initiative for parents so that they get engaged with their babies along with winning exciting prizes

To participate, you can visit their website


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