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Kidbea, came a step forward and provided vaccination to its employees to fight against the Covid-19

Kidbea is a Sustainable Fashion-Tech Brand exclusively for children. They make Certified Organic, Spill-proof, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-odor kidswear products which will be soft as cloud. They are planning to launch in the upcoming months.

Several startups and corporates in India have organized free vaccination drives for employees and their family members.

Inoculation is the only way to avoid repetition of what has been happening during the third wave, experts have said.

The business community in India has been playing an instrumental role in driving COVID-19 vaccination, helping provide vaccines free of cost, or at subsidised rates, to employees and their families.

Inoculation has become the need of the hour in India, especially after the ongoing second wave has resulted in thousands and lakhs of deaths.

To safeguard the life of their employees,

Kidbea has provided free vaccination to all its employees and came a step forward to contribute in fighting against the Covid-19,

Shalini Sharma, CEO of Kidbea, said in a conversation with Times of Startup India.

The Noida based Fashion-Tech brand, further added, by their tiny steps, they want to convey a message of unite to fight together against the pandemic outbreak of Covid-19.

Kidbea has emerging founders, as Mr. Swapnil Srivastava, Mr. Mohammed Hussain and Mr. Aman Kumar Mahto.

They had started their entrepreneurial journey since their college days, have made multiple startups together, few failed, few succeeded and one among them is Smartzwear, which have raised good revenue and have been recognized as India’s First Tech-Apparel brand by Startup India.

Now they are aggressively building Kidbea, a D2C Kidswear brand.

Kidbea is a Sustainable Fashion-Tech Brand exclusively for children. They are making Spill-proof, Certified organic, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-odor kidswear products which will be soft as cloud. Their aim is to minimize the skin rashes over kid's super sensitive skin, which generally caused through various clothing brands, that include chemical processes.

Kidbea is introducing Certified Organic Kidswear products, which will be clinically approved and 100% safe for kid's super sensitive skin.

Kidbea made its pre-launch during Holi, few months back, and had sent their specially curated hampers to various celebrities and professionals. Kidbea have received enormous love and positive feedback from all of them regarding their high end quality of the products.

Kidbea is currently at pre-launch stage and they're planning to launch in the upcoming months.

Stay connected with Kidbea for their launching updates.


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