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Gabriel, a Serial Entrepreneur, started SoloChat, a Social Messaging App for better connectivity.

Favour Gabriel is the Founder of SoloChat, he's a serial entrepreneur passionate about the future. He is also the Co-Founder and CTO of Finddle Inc, Nigeria's first social networking software startup company for business aimed at linking business owners to their customers.

SoloChat is a social messaging app that connects users to their family, friends, and close neighbors within their neighborhood. The sole aim of SoloChat Messenger is to engage people with a unique social messaging experience. Using AR filters, Stickers, Realtime Instant messaging, and VoIP. They have partnered with, DeepAR, Virgil Security, Google, AWS, Paystack, and other third parties partners. Presently SoloChat is a Social Messaging Startup in Nigeria, with a total size of 20 employees working with the shared vision of creating a unique social messaging Experience for better connectivity in Nigeria.

Aighangbe Favour Gabriel is the founder of SoloChat, he is a Serial entrepreneur passionate about the future, and how to utilize the current existing technologies to create a captivating future that serves humanity. He studied Engineering and holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Madonna University, Nigeria. He is currently a Co-founder and CTO at Finddle, an online platform that connects business owners to customers through shared content and social connections. Gabriel holds a strong vision to serve the community through his learning & experience in the Startup Ecosystem.

In a conversation with Times of Startup India, Gabriel told: "We started out just like every other startup company would have, we liked the idea of being one of the big guys solving the big problems, we had an idea, it was a good one and we went ahead with it, there were downsides like getting the right team for the products, pitching our initial ideas to investors, and still working on the project, but we love the idea of serving for the future, and that's what keeps us going."

SoloChat is an Instant Messaging app, with VoIP services for Realtime communication. It has features such as video rooms with Realtime video conservations, group chat features, AR filters while video calling, and Cool Stickers to add to your chat messages. Minutes videos that can be shared with your contacts and people within your region, and the ability to find people. Solochat is aiming to enhance the real-time connectivity of people in Nigeria. SoloChat is to make getting acquainted funnier and easier, as you connect with neighbors, colleagues, and families around you. The place of communication is our core entity in delivering these services, and we understand how sharing activities and experiences through video communication is revolutionizing the world and SoloChat is not far from that revolution. The idea thought of SoloChat, is actually personal chat, meaning you and the person you're chatting with.

SoloChat App is yet to be launched on App Store, and the desktop version is yet to be out. But it is going to be available on the Google Play Store mid of March 2022. Meanwhile, you can visit for information about the software and its availability due time. To subscribe to its promo features on App launch visit for inquiries contact at or visit contact . You can like us on Facebook at and on Twitter at .


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