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Dhoni becomes the new face of Garuda Aerospace.

Garuda Aerospace, the drone startup is planning to plant 75,000 seeds on the occasion of the 75 years of Independence Day in India. Garuda Aerospace celebrating World Environment Day by launching the Drone Seed planting campaign across the country, a new initiative for saving the environment, as well as helping the farmers.

The company recently get going with the "Vriksh Vaahan" drone will be used for many purposes. The drone would be an easy way to expand crop production while reducing natural damage. With the help of GPS coordinators, the “Vriksh Vaahan” will put the seeds directly on the fields. Currently, Garuda Aerospace is working on selling drones to the Village entrepreneurs and the pesticides or fertilizer retailers.

Along with this, the company has picked its brand ambassador and a new shareholder, the famous Cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni, he himself has been endorsed as a brand ambassador and minor shareholder in Garuda Aerospace. The amount he invested is still undisclosed in the company. After retirement, Dhoni is engaged in various businesses such as clothing, liquor, and agriculture. To be a part of Garuda, M.S. Dhoni stated that he is happy to be a part of Garuda Aerospace and looks forward to seeing their development story with the unique drone solutions they’re bringing to the industry.

The founder and CEO of Garuda Aerospace, Mr. Agnishwar Jayaprakash, is pleased with the changes happening in the company, stated that he has always been a passionate admirer of MS Dhoni, and having him in the Garuda Aerospace family is a truly a blessing for us.

Garuda Aerospace currently has 300 drones and 500 pilots in the company and they’re working in 26 cities to expand the services. The company’s Drone manufacturing services were recently launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A website listing for the drone-as-a-software company, founded in 2015, says it is focused on growing and developing low-cost drone solutions for optimizing companies through accurate information.


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