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DABB, founded by Deepak Avinash Amarnath, aims to create a strong difference in how people connect with each other using this contactless smart device.

As the former Head of Merchandising at Walgreens Co., the largest pharmacy & retail store chain in the United States, Deepak interacted with several people from different walks of life on a daily basis. Once back in India, Deepak wanted to use his expertise in marketing and build a company of his own. He would go around from event to event trying to build a business network. It was after one such event that the idea of building a contactless smart device hit him and he decided to venture into this segment.

“I was at an event and there I met some people I really wanted to network with, but by the end of the evening, I had a stack of business cards and a feeble memory of who was who. This is when the idea for DABB struck me,” the Chennai-based entrepreneur recalled fondly.

“We live in a fast-paced world dominated by technology devoted to making our lives easier. Visiting cards are almost redundant and very old school. They use paper, effort and end up taking space in your wallet. Also, you never know who you will meet when, or how many people you will meet at any given time, requiring you to carry extra cards with you all the time. There is also the hassle of having to print them over & over again. Contact exchange doesn’t need to be so drab. DABB helps you exchange information with just a touch and saves space in your wallet,” he added further.

DABB is a small contactless smart device that you can attach to the back of your phone, your laptop, desk, etc., and connect with people without even unlocking your device. DABB not only shares your business profiles and social id links but also aids in making payments.

DABB is a portable device, “a sticker at the back of your phone” that you just have to attach to any device (preferably your phone as that’s something you shall always have with you.) It uses NFC (Near Field Technology) which is the first of its kind in India. DABB saves time, is easy to use, and can be customized to your liking.

You can “DABB” with anyone you wish to share your ‘contactless social media card’ or ‘digital business card’ with as its sharing features aren’t exclusive to DABB users and can be shared with a person who does not have a DABB Device or App. You can make seamless payments without having to scan QR codes or ask for phone numbers within a matter of seconds across any device.

The device is compatible with the majority of iPhones & Android devices. It is necessary to have an NFC feature built-in on your phone.

“Security becomes a major concern with devices that can access and share your information and we at DABB have taken all measures to protect your privacy and information. DABB only shares the links you want & not your entire profile. Connect with consent. The app before sharing confirms with you and is built in a way where no one can access anything without your say-so. The high-end security measures of DABB allow data sharing only when the user allows access by unlocking their phones,” Deepak explained.

DABB grants the user and receiver full autonomy on what to share and what to hold back. Each user has their own personal QR code to assist in sharing of information.

The use of DABB isn’t exclusive to the personal sharing of information and could be used in an office setup where colleagues need to exchange work information and chat on a daily basis.

“One of the motives of DABB is to build community within a community by bringing people closer with a touch of the device,” says the budding entrepreneur.

“It is a place where you can share a lot of information about yourself in one go. As you may recall LinkTree which was big in 2015 was something built for a similar purpose. It concised your information and made it easy to share. But all you got there were separate links for separate handles. DABB helps you share profiles which makes it a lot easier for you and the receiver to connect with each other,” Deepak explained.

DABB devices are available at an affordable price of 500 INR and come in ten different colors. You can also customize your DABB device to your liking by picking out the color and logo on the back. It has a wide variety of tags to suit your style.

You can set up your DABB device in four easy steps. You just have to download the app on your base device and then activate your DABB device. After this, you have to build your profile where you can decide what you wish to share. And that’s it, you can now start sharing.

DABB has been in circulation for a while now and is trusted by companies such as Freshworks, Kissflow, Connplex, O-Line-O, Ampliz, and several other individuals who are saving their precious time for more constructive work than sharing information.

You can buy your first DABB device at and instantly share information contactless.


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