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CareerSpinners - A Woman Initiative to make Startups & Enterprise bloom

When you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, you come to know the challenges and hard times they are getting in that situation. And that makes you more accepting, more compassionate, more successful, and get more life experience, and makes you happier.

Megha Khanna, founder of CareerSpinners, and mother of one is an inspiring woman. She came up with the idea of starting a firm with a set of services to help startups at every stage. Having spent 18 years in corporate, she has been exposed to all sorts of issues firms face and is unable to find a solution under one roof.

CareerSpinners was started during COVID Lockdown when many startups emerged in India. It was that time when Megha was nervous about being the first in this category, but then she thought, "If not me, then who?" From there this firm started. It has been 1.5 years since the company began providing marketing, sales, and lead generation services to startups.

CareerSpinners provides a wide range of services, 4-5 of which are particularly significant. Considering the fact that startups face a lot of issues in their early stage. It is the aim and mindset of the company to serve startups with HR Sourcing, marketing and sales, lead generation, and business consulting services.

Under Human Resource Management Services, the company assists with Policies Formulation, Induction & Training, Recruitment, HR Documentation, HRMS, Joining & Exit Formalities, Organization Structure, and Job Descriptions. The specialization under digital marketing is social media marketing. Designing and content of the best quality are provided for all social platforms at a minimal cost. Lead generation is done through both social media and offline methods, where experts from the team understand the issues and provide a suitable solution.

Get in touch with the CareerSpinners team to find out more about the services offered.

It was a difficult decision to come up with a business idea and execute it at such a vulnerable time as COVID. Getting customers proved to be a challenge for COVID, but it was a great fortune that so many startups emerged at the time. This helped the company start its journey with positive results.

Megha started it alone and with her dedicated work, has built a strong team. Her daughter Saumya is her biggest inspiration. A woman who believes in equality for women, she dreams of having her daughter be an entrepreneur and as strong as she is, and also a role model for other women.

The company is based in Gurgaon and has generated a considerable amount of revenue in a span of 1.5 years. Along with many early-stage startups, the company is associated with various major clients in the fields of cyber security, e-Learning, FMCG, insurance & groups, and more. The company is bootstrapped as of now and is planning to get registered. As part of its strategy to build a strong brand, the company will also conduct an investment round soon.

Creating a good work culture for its employees and establishing the startup's brand identity is the startup's short-term goal.

Be supportive and kind to the people who are struggling and trying to make a difference. This is the least you can do. On the other hand, be grateful to everyone who stood by your side in your tough time.” – Megha Khanna

Megha Khanna is an inspiring woman who has come a long way on her journey. She has a message for all the women out there trying to stand out with their exceptional ideas and skills.

1. Learn to say ‘NO’

2. Learn to love yourself first before spreading love

3. Take a stand & speak up for the Right reasons

4. Be kind & Polite.

Megha is grateful to all her well-wishers, mentors, friends, and family members who always believed in her and gave her a source of inspiration.


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