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The whole world is moving towards sustainable products and people are adapting organic products aggressively. Mohammed Sadiq, an investor, and entrepreneur, launched Biogreen to provide environment-friendly packaging solutions. This eco-friendly startup is aggressively working towards the mission of a plastic-free environment and creating an organic solution to packaging. Biogreen is saving the world one plastic bag at a time.

Biogreen is a global initiative with fast-growing markets all over the world. In notable accomplishments very recently it partnered up with Tata Motors to produce India’s first biodegradable bubble wrap used for packaging fragile products.

“The amount of plastic bubble wrap produced annually is enough to wrap the equator 10 times and it pollutes the mother earth indefinitely. This is why Biogreen and TATA Motors have come as a synergy to eliminate this insane usage of plastic,” Md. Sadiq said describing the need for this innovation.

Coming from a very humble family Mr. Sadiq had to start working at a very young age. In a talk with Times of Startup, the zealous entrepreneur said “I don’t come from a rich family. Our household depended on daily wages. My mother struggled a lot to give me the life I am living now. She worked as a laborer to make ends meet. I have been part of multiple businesses since I was 14 years old. I was a sugarcane street vendor when I started out to support my family but, in my heart, I knew that I wanted to do something more significant than this.”

After dabbling in several kinds of vocational activities and starting new businesses, Mr. Sadiq started Biogreen in 2018. This Bangalore-based eco-friendly startup was founded with a vision to remove all plastic packaging materials with a high-quality degradable Biogreen packaging product.

Biodegradable and renewable packaging products are the first words that pop into one’s mind when you mention a life with environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Biogreen’s organic packaging solutions are shifting conventional, non-renewable plastics into the renewable resource arena

"March of 2016 is when the Karnataka Government had imposed a complete ban on all plastic packing products in the state, without providing the citizens with a solid alternative for it. There seemed to be no possible way to carry various essentials hassle-free. I remember I was out shopping for groceries including heavy quantities of rice and dal. All of my purchases were packed in thin paper bags. I went on to buy milk and placed it in my bag with the rest of the items. As soon as the bag came in contact with the condensed milk packet it gave away and broke apart, leaving all my items scattered on the road. I started looking for inexpensive alternatives for myself but was unable to find anything affordable by a middle-class man. It was at this moment when Biogreen was born,” Md. Sadiq said as he recalled his inspiration for starting Biogreen.

“I wished to be able to provide people like me an affordable alternative for plastic. So, I along with my brother Iqbal and sister Nagina started Biogreen,” he further added.

Biogreen initially making alternatives for plastic bags has now moved on to making products for other plastic items too. Biogreen Products are India’s first 100% biodegradable substitute to the immortally toxic reign of plastic; made from natural starch, vegetable oil derivatives, and vegetable waste. Completely harmless to the environment, plants.

These products are saviors to the stray animals which might ingest them while scouring through the trash. Biogreen products are edible and completely biodegradable.

With the exponential increase in effects of global warming, having a plastic bag that’s 100% biodegradable, recyclable, waterproof, made from organic wastes, and most importantly produces 90% fewer greenhouse gases is perhaps exactly the cure that the world was waiting for.

Another major obstacle faced by Md. Sadiq when Biogreen was starting out was gathering the raw materials for the production of such bags from around the world.

He told Times “The hardest part of it all was educating and explaining to the people and the government officials of the state about the product and acquiring the required licenses for the same.”

Biogreen has come a long way since then. From partnering up with TATA Motors to fast-growing markets in several countries including Africa, Italy, Dubai among many others. Regular exports are made to the US, UK, and African countries. This eco-friendly startup has been setting up distribution networks across India with 3 manufacturing units established in Pune, Dharwad, and Trichy. Their major clients include the Future group, Myntra, D-mart, and other major supermarkets.

Biogreen is moving forward with an aim to replace at least 50% of plastic products available in the market by the year 2025 and elevate our country to become a hub for the biodegradation industry. Usage of these green products in our everyday life can definitely lead to a healthier environment.

Biogreen manufactures standard products, such as bags and packaging materials for varied purposes, which can be ordered in minimal quantity at affordable prices. Let's come together and join hands with Biogreen, in making our planet, Healthy & Sustainable.

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