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Balaji Thiru, A scientist on mission to empower youngsters to be the great innovators.

Balaji Thiru is the Founder of a Village Technology School, which empower kids to become emerging scientist. He's an inspirational scientist whose aim is to create innovators of the future.

A young scientist, Balaji Thirunavukarasu born in the small town of Kandachipuram surprising people with his amazing inventions and achievement of his dreams. This 32-year-old scientist runs his own company, Village Tech School for new inventions. He had a special interest in robotics since childhood, He used to make wooden toys at a younger age itself. He had completed his studies in the field of robotics. Balaji gets the idea of time-saving by observing the daily routine of farmers, and how they utilize their time smartly.

As technology is increasing faster and faster, Robotics is becoming the future of the world. During the pandemic of Covid-19 Balaji has given a lot of contributions by making robots to present food and medicine to quarantined people. He also invented 25 small robots for daily assistance among them three robots are selected for commercial use. His first commercial robot “Lilliput” which he made to teach students, how Robotics work. “Lilliput” was specially designed to give the best and easy learning practically about robotics to the students. It costs around INR 2000/- which can be affordable and easily dismantle for everyone.

Balaji believes in sharing his knowledge and learnings about Robotics with young students through this startup. He has taught around 1500 government students about robotics free in Tamil Nadu, he encourages them to explore the field of robotics, which seems to be difficult but it is not when it comes to learning. He also believed that teaching in the Tamil language will be more grasping for students and can create more interest among them. He also designed the medical care robot during the covid-19 period, which will work as per consumers’ requirements.

He has his own unique ways of teaching his students, he uses a wooden airplane to teach the physics of flight to understand in a simple way. The young scientist is currently working on a project to deliver the medicines to patients via a drone-controlled system on autopilot mode.

He is not only a scientist but also a great author, he wrote a book titled “How to make Robots” in 2018. He also got appreciated for his inventions, he received three prizes in Malaysia and one in Japan in 2014 and 2016.


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