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Adarsh Jha, a young Fashion Entrepreneur celebrated his 26th birthday with poor & needy people.

Adarsh believes that, some efforts are made without any selfishness, there's nothing but Love & Care for the poor and needy people to give them a better & brighter life.

Adarsh Jha, the founder of an upcoming luxury clothing brand, has completed this journey with zeal and determination while keeping an optimistic outlook. He has always been a staunch supporter of the people. He has helped poor and miserable people with foods & basic amenities during the pandemic outbreak of Covid-19. He made every effort to ensure that no person should sleep hungry during the lockdown.

On his 26th birthday, Adarsh handed over food packets to 1,200 poor and needy people at his hometown in Patna. There are so many poor families whose daily earnings got affected during the Lockdown and they came back to their villages and never went back to other metropolitan cities. Adarsh wanted to spend his birth day with such needy people and to make them smile.

In a conversation with Times of Startup India, "Adarsh says that nothing would give me more joy than seeing these happy faces of poor and needy people. Helping them on this day is much satisfying than spending huge money on parties. I've always been fond of kind hearted people with helping nature. With the medium of your platform, I would urge all the youngsters to help needy people in your nearby areas and give them a reason to smile."

Talking about his startup, Adarsh said: “I believe that fashion is something very personal and helps every single person define themselves and their unique sense. I wanted to help everyone afford their style which they’ve had to compromise for so long due to pricing, size, or other factors”.

After observing the world trends for months Adarsh realized that fashion is lucrative to all demographics and a dynamic market. With help of a college friend Adarsh founded a luxury clothing brand that is affordable and caters to all demographics.

What makes Adarsh’s upcoming luxury brand unique is that his clothing line will be cost-effective, hypoallergic, antibacterial, and available in all sizes. As a responsible citizen of the planet, Adarsh also plans to go green and make the clothing line sustainable and make sure people across India realize how sustainable fashion could be better than the fast fashion trends used by massive clothing brands.

Adarsh Jha is the embodiment of the phrase ‘if you could dare to dream it nothing in the world can stop you from turning it into a reality.’ Even after all the obstacles, he came across he never gave up on his dream and is now on the precipice of having it all.


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